I know I only use this blog to moan but christ people piss me off sometimes.  If it takes something 2 weeks to arrive in our office and it doesn’t arrive, putting it away for another 3 weeks won’t make it magically appear.
Why are people so useless?  Sending friggin forms that you’re not supposed to send anymore.  not sending forms they definitely needed to send.  Have 20 years more experience than me and asking me damn stupid questions that you should already have the answer o.  It’s not an excuse “not working in the sections”.  The stuff you were doing was the SAME THING!  Oh yes – when writing up a phonecalll about not being able to contact a customer it’s helpful to indicate why you were phoning them in the first place.  especially if the case is not your own and you’ll not be dealing with it again.  I’m not psychic.  Reading is also apparently a lost art.  Helps you fill in work spreadsheets if you actually read what option you are clicking.
I’m a bit bored out of my tree here.   No work to do and not likely to get some.  I was seriously considering taking a half-day but figured why the heck should I.  It’s not like I’m going to be overwhelmed with work tomorrow either.  So long lunch and a half 3er me thinks.
Ooh after 10 years of having a computer we’ve finally got a computer chair.  I have a picture, I may show you.  Lucky lucky people
In case you are wondering why this more incoherent and ranty than normal it’s because we can’t access the net during working hours.  I’m having to wait till lunchtime and in the meantime I’m typing it up in word pad.  With the text white although I’ve decided to change it to grey to put off any over shoulder lookers,
Also I think it’s near that special time of the month when I get more ranty.