Gotta love the nerve of my brother (or not). I boot up this evening and find a little note left telling me that the printer is nearly out of black ink (we only got the printer in November, but anyway.), okay fine…the only time I use it is to print stuff out for my mum and my dad. I think I’ve used it twice for myself. Which makes my brother the biggest user. The note now says – “WHich I don’t use ask mum or dad for money” because my brother (bless his little bank account with more money than mine) is out of work. For out of work try being picky since he has a degree and could take some lame ass job like everyone else in the meantime

Much amusement on the bus on Sunday…our bus company (there is only one public company in Northern Ireland) has changed its time tables and what not and now the fare on a Sunday is £1 return (well you can go anywhere on that network) or £1.50 for a single ticket (before it was 90p for a single ticket). However being a woman of literacy I read the little sticky card that was stuck in my spanking new timetable that indicated the £1 and when I got on the bus enquired with the bus driver who assured me that yes it was return. Other people who were clearly not literate (or more than likely too damn lazy to look or ask) paid the £1.50 fare and some old woman started having a go at the driver for not telling her that it was a return ticket seriously – they have pictures of the fares deals (anywhere on the network £3 monsat before 10 and after 2 and £2 anywhere between 10 & 2) ON THE BUS WINDOWS for crying out loud! Ohh if you ‘re interested Go admire our new PINK (yes PINK) Metro buses. And just out of interest….why are all the benches at bus stops just slightly too high to be comfortable to sit on? You have to perch or in my case lean against and I’m an average 5”5!