There have been an awful lot of vampire centric tv shows. Buffy & Angel, Moonlight, Blood Ties possibly more (I’ll check it out later). So I originally decided not to watch True Blood, however I recently caved and started obtaining them through the magic of t’interwebs. Very glad I did. It’s by the guy who did Six Feet Under and if you’re a mediumly offended person it’s really not for you. Lots of sex, nudity, swearing and a little bit of violence. So if you like that sort of thing the show is for you. Well it’s not so much the liking as the fact that I really do appreciate having tv shows that aren’t aimed at the widest possible age range audience. (Wohoo yes go have a meeting so I don’t have to pretend I’m doing something.)

Also Bill the vampire is sexy. Apparently the show is quite faithful to the books although mixed reviews on one of my forum threads talking about the show so I again used the magic of t’interwebs to obtain copies which I can read on my fucking kick ass ebook reader. Which I love btw


Just not that keen on the cover. Might try and get a black one instead. It’s a browny colour. Of course I’d love a purple one but they don’t seem to do that. You’d think that’d be something that they’d have a lot of choice in but hey-ho – I’ll keep checking ebay. I’ve also decided to cancel my long standing Mills & Boon Historical Novel delivery. Might as well just download them as ebooks. Save so much space and probably money.

Xmas is rapidly approaching not doing too bad. Gone halfers with my mum for a bunch of prezzies and I just need to get my mum and my dad which of course are the most awkward.




Christ people talk bullshit sometimes. Completely making crap up as they go along. Hah irony!