Had a really bizarre dream last night. Basically I was in a computer game as Kathryn Janeway (sort of, mostly in dreams you just know you’re supposed to be someone or someone you see you know is supposed to be someone even if it doesn’t look like them), and we were in the middle of war (set in the streets of Half Life 2) against bunnies (which were actually men in uniforms but were supposed to be bunnies see explanation above).

Anyhow we were trapped between 2 ranks of the bunnies (who looked like men) with help supposedly coming so I decided to go to sleep in a house. Tuvok then came to wake me up and brought my face wash and conditioner (apparently a clean face and silky managable hair are important war situations), and took me to meet another army who were enemies but were going to team up against the bunnies. At this point I turned in Jean Luc Picard and declared myself a dignatary. Then I woke up.

I should stop reading star trek books.