So lots n lots to catch up on.

Firstly – getting my room done.  More importantly getting a new bed, which I desperately need.   The down side is that I’ve had to clear all my stuff out :( .  Including taking the posters off the wall, which makes my room seems echo-y.  However here is a before picture (although I possibly should’ve taken it before I cleared everything)




You may find yourself with some between photos :) .

 In other news – went to see the doctor about getting some help losing weight and now I’m on something called Xenical.  Haven’t eaten any sweets since Monday (yeah yeah big deal) and I’ve been out walking for 30 mins for nearly every day (cept Thursday although I did a bit) and yesterday (because it was raining but seeing as how cleared out most of my books n wot not and carried them up to the attic, I figured I was covered).  Supposed to go back in 4-weeks to see how I’m getting on but they took some blood and sent me out a letter asking me to make a “non urgent” appointment to talk about it.  I’m hoping it’s just standard.

I’m just wondering if it’s about my cholesterol.  Now last time I had it taken it was quite low (3.9 I think) and these tablets work by stopping your body from absorbing 30% of your intake of fat (and yes there was some seepage – sandwiches with marie rose sauce are NOT recommended).  So if I had low cholesterol, wouldn’t it suggest that my fat intake isn’t that high?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.  The hardest thing is keeping it all secret from my mum.  Don’t ask me why I want it to be. I don’t know.  I know that I feel really guilty that I can’t seem to diet without just doing it but bleh.  We’ll see.

Oh and here is a screenshot of my new(ish) WoW character Layton with her cat Casper