I don’t think that Starbucks latte only had 1 shot in it…..have become mildly addicted to Starbucks.  The latte in the morning is all right but I’ve been getting the frapacinos.  It is so gooood.  However cause I’m putting on so much weight I have decided that I am going to try to get back into the dieting… (Also it costs a fucking fortune and I don’t seem to be getting any stars either K)

So no more!  (well still the lattes – I get them skinny) Started up myfitnesspal again & I am determined to go out for a walk this evening.

Our Olympic tickets are getting delivered today.  Yay!  Thought we were getting them before but it was tickets for the obit which I had to put up for resale because they were doing slots for it.  The first few sessions after our athletics session weren’t available so I sort of panicked and went for tickets at 7pm.  Unfortunately my gamble didn’t pay off as we planned to go out for a late lunch that day and you cannot go back into the Olympic Park if you leave.  Which if you have tickets to the Orbit seems rather unfair.  Slightly miffed as I had to send them back secure delivery which was about £5.00

Wohoo just got an email to say they’ve been delivered! J