Well anyhow….my mother has been at us (me and my jobless git of a brother) to clear up the attic for some time now. It’s actually been renovated, access is up a set of stairs inside my mum and dad’s walk in wardrobe – if we could block it off it would be a great hiding place (yes I do watch too many movies :) ). This has just made it so much easier to dump stuff in. Plus any time the granny came to stay I had to go sleep on two old mattresses up there (comfy! – not).

So my brother decided to get started this week (probably because he’s a jobless git). My dad announced yesterday that he’d get a trailer so we can take all the crap away (by crap I mean childhood memories sob). Andrew had most of it done and Id spent the morning tidying my own room oblivious to what was going on till it was half way done. When I did realise I half heartedly “assisted” (really quite proud of my lack of help in that), however my dad failed to bring the trailer and after a week of fine weather it decided it was going to be windy n wet! HAH! Sods law! Got it this morning though, but by the time Id shifted out of bed it had all been taken care of :) Man Im a lazy bitch. ahem .

The amount of stuff that was removed was astonishing though…must of been about 15 black bin bags and countless boxes and it’s not like it was a really big space to begin with and I think there was a good few of my (romance) books (Um yeah not going into that), were carted off to the local charties. All that’s left is a typewriter (broken) and a singer sewing machine (broken). My mum was going to suggest that when she gets her new living room suite that the old suite go up to the attic….Er yeah…get the guys to cart up a really heavy three seater sofa….