Couple of things getting my goat…..

I posted the lyrics of a chapess called Jem a few weeks ago, the song’s called “They” pretty good song. The video involves her stripping off in a space ship a la barbarella and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. In much the same way as Britney and Christina it seems to whore to the lowest common demoninator. Do guys (as that’s who naked females are undoubtably aimed at) really buy an album because the chick in the video was unclothed (after all you don’t normally get the video with the album)? I seriously doubt it. It’s just a bit of a let down to see someone lauded as the “next big (talented) thing” stripping off in her first video.


Someone using the phrase “dripping with leftist queer political correctness” in regards to a trek episode is all right (although I don’t think it’s “all right” in regards to anything) but my wondering why “small minded fuckwits ” watch star trek is worthy of disparaging comment about the extent of my vocabulary. HELLO!?Sometimes I wonder about people on newsgroups.