I have come to the conclusion that my place of work has decided to secretly enforce an exercise regime. This is being done in two ways – malfunctioning lifts and repeated fire alarms. Now I work on the 11thfloor (there are 21) and I’m gonna wait for a lift to take me up regardless of how long it takes, but for a fire alarm we have to walk down the stairs. I reckon I must of been out 10 times since I started in July 03. Only 2 of these were actually fire related! The rest were drills, malfunctions and once someone deliberately /accidentally hit the alarm. So the bell rings and we all dutifully trot out and down the many many stairs and across the road to city hall. A nice little work out!

Rejoice! I finally got my Dishwalla album from Amazon :D . They don’t have any lyrics in it though :( .

And finally…...
Today I shall be painting my nails – this colour

In case you can’t tell it’s a bright, metallic pink colour :)