Was watching some stupid programme on TMF the other night (TMF=The music factory which is on the freeview music channels and sometimes screens VH1 shows) about the most used music video gimmicks (or something to that effect). Anyhow one of the “gimmicks” was the so called”Jesus pose” where the artist stands with the arms wide. Just made me think how much christianity has brained washed whole cultures. Jesus pose my big fat arse. If the bible never existed you’d still get people standing with the arms wide open, unless there’s a cross or a crown of thorns involved it’s bugger all to do with Jesus. It’s the most vulnerable position you can be in – no defence oh and also welcoming since arms crossed means you are rejecting. The road i work on is a bit of a wind tunnel for some reason and everytime it gets up I want to walk down the street with my arms wide….it doesn’t mean I have a friggin jesus complex.

Stupid people.