Eh well maybe not but I am going to try and sell some of my DVDs on Ebay – you may go and admire Legally Blonde I doubt it’ll sell and thus I’ll lose some money but hey…live and learn baby – I have about 10 DVDs I want to put up.

Speaking of money – now that the git of a brother has a job (with the goddamned civil service I do believe) I shall hopefully be getting my money back! Whoop! -He’s also made up with the mother but I still think he’s a supreme arsehole

Also I may be in line for a bonus of (hopefully) £100 at work….well Id better be in line for it since I work my little (hahahahahahahaha) backside off and voluntarily take work from other desks – I may come across as a lazy cow (and in fact I am!) but I do hate having nothing to at work!

Speaking of work – one of my customers today on the phone said she (SHE SHE SHE not ME :P) was a “bad bitch” who talked “shit”...She was nearly 73 it wasn’t what I expected to hear! Not that I was offended and I suppose my Aunt who’s in her 70’s swears like a trooper….gave me something to grin about :)

Oh and also happily – the ‘rents are off on holiday tomorrow for a whole week…..B.L.I.S.S.!