Not a bad day today – firstly the saga… I ordered Rob Thomas’ Something to be Be from instead of cause it had actually had the damn album. Finally got shipped sometime last week and arrived yesterday. Except it didn’t. They’d sent me Guera by Beck. Cue major disappointment. Figured out where to go for returns. Login, you’ve bought blah blah what do you want to return, whats wrong – they don’t actually have an option for “oopsie we fucked up” so I went for “defective” thankfully you then get to explain what the “defect” is. The defect being it’s the wrong bloody album. Anyhow it goes on to tell you to print out this mailing label, return it and they’ll pay for the shipping. Fine and good. Had it all re wrapped and ready to go. Happened to check my mail this morning (I feel obliged to since my work has now banned webmail – wankers!) and I have a nice little email from saying don’t return it, it’s too expensive we’ll send you out a replacement. You can bid on the Beck album here :) . Unfortunately I now have to wait patiently for the right album :( .

My no longer jobless git of brother FINALLY gave me my money back – well £200 since I can’t actually remember how much he owes. So I guess I should stop call him my no longer jobless git of brother eh? But yay! I have 200 beautiful beautiful smackeroos :)

In less happy news…the fuckwits who live in this constituency voted the DUP into Westminister…HELLO! Religious Right you idiots! and it’s not like I live in the friggin bible belt! Well N I is bible beltish, since people just tend to assume there is a god rather than actually think about it, but not so much that they think that drink is “the devils buttermilk” which is what their great leader Big Ian beliefs, that’d be Big Ian, the right reverand, spreader of hate and leader of the Free Presbyterians – the hard core branch of the Presbyterian church. Unfortunately a number of people in this area happened to be the knuckle dragging “we hate catholics because” type people who couldn’t think for themselves if you doubled their IQ “Ugh, fire good!”. You know the DUP actually had the sheer affront to say that one candidate shouldn’t stand because he was homosexual….WTF!? They make me want to poke their eyes out with dirty sticks. Fortunately here the Westminister elections have diddly squat meaning for us, since only the main parties (ie labour, cons and lib dems) really get a look in, everyone else may as well be standing as an independant for all the good they can do.

Also – I still haven’t got to see Hitchhikers which I’m really disappointed by. I really don’t care how many people think it’s a pile of pants. Im not an overly critical movie goer and I know I’m going to enjoy it. Hopefully Monday (ooh deja vu!)

And finally….Id really like to get the Klingon Insignia as a tattoo on my this

but all black :)