Well hell hasn’t it been a bit crappy for me lately.

My digital tv set top box receiver (aka digibox) when kapooey and i had to get it replaced. With the old one I had the aerial set just right so that I could receive all but 2 channels perfectly. With this one…well it took me a while to get the tv to pick up that all the channels existed and as for receiving them all? HAH! Not all at the same time. I have to fiddle about with the aerial.

My net connection kept dropping this week – every 30 secs at one point – tres irritating as you can imagine. When I plugged in a phone there was no tone, phoned the phone company on the other telephone line and was told an engineer would call today….thankfully I wasn’t holding my breath or I’ll be dead several times over. Saying that Ive now been connected for 17 whole minutes without disconnecting. So it might be an intermittant problem.

I’m still suffering with my sinuses. Today I have a permanent ache just over my right eye (and a constantly running nose). For anyone who hasn’t suffered with sinus pain before – it’s like you’ve whacked that spot off something. If you touch it feels bruised and it just won’t go away. Unfortunately the dual action sinus pills haven’t worked at all :( . Anyways decided to go down (drive) to the chemist to pick the pills (unprescribed but you gotta ask the chemist) up. Bloody car wouldnt start. So I walked. Came back feeling awful. Sweatin like a pig (I hate being sweaty) and just b_l_a_h. Tried the car again….it starts! Fucking typical!

Oh and im going to the gym tomorrow to start my “regime” :( .

On the positive won £39.99 on a scratch card and £10 on the thunderball!

and sorry for the whining