My shit is bananas

Oh I had another really bizarre dream this morning. We (im not sure who “we” were but there was a bunch of us) were held hostage in my house by a group of people. I did manage to try and ask some woman who was playing with her kids to get the police, who arrived that same second and proceeded to take off their masks (at this point I got a whole “this has happened before”) feeling and joined the hostage takers. Trying to find a place to hide in my house (which was now infinitely) I made my way through this horrible 1950’s shower room (which was labyrinthian) to the back where a bunch of “Us” apparently had been hiding, but I decided to go back in case I got discovered. In another niche a group of good looking but slightly creepy looking fellas who were in fact vampires.

Made it back out and now I was in some underground but very brightly lit cavern with running rivers and gondolas and had lots of servants running around in it with champagne and stuff….for some reason there was a pick and mix stand. I was just helping myself when the guy who had been disguised as a police man caught up on me.