Man I suck :) my resolution to update daily has fallen by the wayside.

So….firstly….went back to the Doctors re the lip thing (black mark like I’ve been chewing my pen). She’s referring me to the plastic surgeons – it doesn’t really bother me but I can’t get rid of it. Well anyways – lets see if I can get an appointment. If nothing else they can get a tick for something easy and quick.

Secondly – I’d like to offer my anti summer rant

1. It’s too damn hot! I’m a big lass – me and heat do not go well together and I dont find sweating like a pig pleasant. Also I loathe my legs, I can’t bear to look at them let alone let anyone else look at them so they remain covered up – not nice in hot weather
2. It’s too damn hot to sleep this means that I have to keep my windows open at night which leads to
3. A general increase in the bug population who like to congregate in my room and
4. lack of sleep since the birdies are quite noisy and so are the cars
5. I have hayfever
6. I don’t tan and I don’t want to tan – leathery skin and skin cancer do not sound like my idea of a good time. Plus I’m allergic to aftersun cream.

There’s more but I can just can’t remember it right now. Come back winter!