OMFG what a horrible morning

First I can’t be arsed to get out of bed so I don’t get to have a shower and end up running late.

The cat is being all weird and of course won’t go out.(because it’s pissing down)

Since I’m running late I’m going to get the 7.40 bus which for some reason I nearly always miss or have to run to – I have to run to – at this point my jeans decide to start fucking falling down and I drop my bag. Fortunately the busman stops for me. I have no doubt though that I have the few passengers a generous flash of my very generous bum.

I then found that I forgotten my little free plastic cup that I can use to get my coffee of a morning (actually I’d left it at work but you know one thing on top of another).

So I get off the bus and run into the shop, then go into the coffee shop (which has no sandwiches so I’m going to have to go out later). On my way out I find out that my stupid umbrella is broken (you can’t stand under my umbrella ahah-ah)

I’ll have to see what the weather is doing later because I was supposed to be buying my dad his fathers day present (some jean shorts).

I make into work and one of the more annoying colleagues is doing her tuneless humming thing which makes me want to smack her!