Ah so not a bad xmas I must say

For some reason I ended up with 3 hot chocolate mug things.  Which is fine but I don’t really drink hot chocolate.  I shall have to buy some when we go shopping because they give you way too many marshmallows!

The girls won game night!

I drank too much and didn’t sleep too well as I had to sleep on an airbed and I always have problems when I’m not sleeping in my own bed.  Plus it was a single and had an attached sleeping bag thing but it only opened half way down so I felt a bit trapped.

 My study is all done btw and to prove it here are pictures:

Shelves Computer

Yeah the computer desk is a bit messy!

Apparently i have read 31 science fiction/fantasy novels this year.  I have read over 100 books if you include all the mills & boon type stuff as well :)