So went down to the dentist this morning. 35 minutes spent sitting in traffic, right foot and leg killing me from holding the break. Make it down with 5 mins to spare. My appointment was yesterday. Apparently I am that stupid! Fucking muppet! Have to reschedule – can’t get another appointment till Jan. Fuck. Anyone would think that I fancied my dentist – well may be I do, he’s young not bad looking and intelligent – but I didn’t get to see him anyway. I hope they don’t fine me.

In better news my car insurance quote is £200 less this year than last. Hurrah! Still going to phone and ask if I’ve got the 10% discount for another person in the house having an insurance policy with them.

Still feeling abandonded by Steve, text messages are rarely answered – even one of concern. Fuck it I suppose. If I’m not considered worth even the mild politeness of acknowledgement then I’ll just stop trying. Life is too short to dwell on arseholes. I am getting fairly frustrated at my manager. there’s no energy in him at all to do the work. As i speak he is fiddling with his mobile while beside him sits 4-5 days worth of work. I don’t think I’d mind if he were just slow but he’s just busy doing other more interesting things. This is a common refrain I know.

I shall have to take a picture of our new “study” (ie the brothers old bedroom) soon to have a phone point for net access! Looking forward to it nice to have a bit more privacy in all honesty