The brothers girlfriend had a brain tumour.  Fortunately she seems to have come through the surgery okay. Bit of a shock all round and frankly a really shitty thing to happen to such a nice person.  Still waiting to find out if it was cancer but apparently thats really rare in brain tumours (who knew!)

Yahoo blackjack doesn’t like me much at the mo so I’m just going to save before ctr alt deling 


Firstly this neat picture




� Secondly – not long till The Northern Lights aka The Golden Compass.  Of course the christers are up in arms – “it promotes atheism” they whine.  So fucking what if it does?  Atheists are bad people are they?  FUCK YOU!  And they pretend that they’re the fucking persecuted ones.  HYPOCRITES FUCKING HYPOCRITES.  Where were the atheists bitchng about the Passion of the Christ or the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe eh?   Yeah thought so.   If anything they prove the books (His Dark Materials) true.  Religion it’s all about the supression isn’t it! Oh and also  talking armoured polar bears FTW!  Apparently they crush xian belief!  Seriously looking forward to the movie now though.  Might even be getting VIP seats (nice on yer bum I hear :) ).  For your viewing pleasure here is a poster


Northern Lights