Work is a bit slow at the mo. Ooh I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. I also have a bit of deja vu, I’ll have to check to see if I said this before.Poor little blog is so used and abused, Ignored for months and then I only write something because I’m bored at work :( .

So, nothing much happening really. As I have said several times already playing warcraft so my net habits go check email, check forums, get any co-ords or info I need from wowhead and then log on to wow. Up to level 65 now. Trying to level up my fishing – harder than I anticipated though. I feel like I’m on a mission now. So I might spend this evening doing that. Ooh and there’s a new instalment out shortly. Just in time for my birthday in fact! Not that I’ve finished the Burning Crusade. Not that you really finish at all I suppose.

If there were any doubt that I were a geek I think I’ve just destroyed that.

My 2 weeks on my lonesome have come and gone and much enjoyed. I wish I were a millionaire and could live like that all the time. It’d be sweet!

Dear god I hate other departments. I’m sitting sending duplicates and in this case triplicates of stuff. I hate it even more when the thing we need is in the papers and it’s not been actioned. Hah! Correction it was completely and utterly wrong. So apologies nameless colleague (at least in this case I’ve found plenty of other fuckups).

Saw Steve the other day. Acknowledged my existence which is more than he’s done in a while. Sadly broke up with his girl however.  Although I thought his girl was a bit of a bitch in all honesty.

Hmm think I might do an entertainment update tomorrow