It’s my party and I’ll not cry if I want to. I’ve got my sony ebook reader for my birthday – lookit. 

Sony Reader


 I’m so high tech and star trekky.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to read it in work while I’m waiting for a call and al my tasks are done but who knows….. Still fucking cool. also means I can read my star trek books without fear of mockery from the great unwashed.

American election happening right now. Hope Bema wins. If only so that the complete insanity that is Sarah Palin is nowhere near the oval office. Not that I’m all that interested in US politics but she thinks shooting animals from a helicopter is a valid sport. America has had enough idiots in charge. It’s time for someone who at least appears to have half a brain

Of course now that I have stated my support for Obama, he will no doubt lose.

In other news I have bought my fast flying mount but I have decided that I want to get the epic mounts for other factions. So working on Ironforge at the minute. Don’t think I can get a gnome amount though because you can only be a gnome so Exodar after that!

I may take screenshots for your pleasure.