as the US finally does the right thing.




Apparently I didn’t jinx it. Hurrah! So the question is now – is assassination a real possibility or will even the vile supremacists succumb to the rose tinted glasses that so many ‘mericans seem to wear when it comes to their President? i.e. that while in office they can do wrong? If not and the absolute worst happens at least Biden isn’t Palin. The cherry on the cake would be if McCain croaks during the next four years thus proving that a Palin presidency was a real possibility. Not that I want McCain to die I’d like to stress.


I wonder if American’s find it patronising that people who don’t live in their country have such deeply held opinions about who should lead it. Of course you could argue that America has such an impact on the world that we all have an invested interest in who’s in charge. I’m not even speaking about lie induced wars.

The ironic thing however is that the majority of Americans seem completely unaware of the world at large. Although perhaps that is the same of all countries but as someone who is somewhat aware of the rest of the world I don’t recognise it in my countrymen.

Certainly the public reaction to some newspapers would seem to suggest that this is the case. I’m fairly sure I’ve posted about this before but the screaming hysterics over the most unworthy stories is just ridiculous. Look at the whole Russel Brand/Johnathan Ross thing. Yes it was in poor taste and shouldn’t have been done but it hardly deserved a lynching.

It now also seems that they are completely incapable of printing an accurate story. One example was “sex education for 5 year olds” Which had nothing to do with sex education but more to do with biology. Then there was the “Richard Dawkin’s thinks Santa should be banned” when in fact he had said it would be interesting to see if childhood myths would be interesting to investigate to see if they have negative effect. He didn’t even say he would (investigate).

In other news people are being beaten, raped and murdered in their masses in the Congo but more importantly Jeremy Clarkson said something Jeremy Clarksonish.

I think what annoys me the most is that people go along with it all like good little sheep. Baahhhing in moral outrage. Why not go the whole hog and jump off the fucking cliff. Sheep also jump off cliffs btw. I’m not mixing up my animals. The whole lemmings thing is an urban myth.

I’ve just found out that Proposition 8 has passed in California (something to do with only allowing marriage between a man and a woman). So apparently we can only drag the US so far into the modern century.

People suck!

Although I guess that’s a well known fact.

What a lot of rambling that will never be read by anyone. Oh well.