Our local radio station runs these “safety” (or safe ettay as one of the voice overs says) adverts which are getting increasingly silly. My favourites are…
“Are you male? Are you over 40? Then there’s more bad news” I’m not a middle aged male, but since when is being one a bad thing? (They’re going to die in a house fire btw).

Then there’s – don’t over take that dodgy looking lorry there might be someone carrying illegal fuel! (“He obviously doesn’t care about his own safe-et-tay”)

If you sleep naked but aren’t a nudist you’re screwed in the event of a house fire “no don’t put on your clothes – you’ve no time!”

Oh and apparently I’m a binge drinker because I take 4 cointreau and lemonades every thursday and will therefore suffer from a stroke and/or cancer because 4 drinks for women and 5 for a man in one sitting in binging apparently.

So any nude 45 year old men who like to have a couple of drinks on a Saturday after over taking dodgy looking trucks should maybe make sure they have a will!