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March 24th, 2005

Hide & Seek

Went to see this at the cinema last night – not half as scary as I was expecting – should of gone to see boogeyman :D . To give it credit I totally did not see the twist coming!

They did however have a preview for Ring 2. It totally freaked me out, never mind Ashleigh who spent most of White Noise going “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” and didn’t sleep after the Grudge. Definitely keen to see it :D .

March 24th, 2005


Bit worried about our cat at the moment, his bad leg is acting up quite a bit :( . So I though I’d post a couple of pictures to cheer me up. Please ignore the evil looking eyes!

I'm not impressed with this picture taking business

KILL KILL KILL! Oh hey there!

March 24th, 2005


Yeah okay so we’ll just pretend like there aren’t procedures to follow and you can let your friends do whatever cause its yours all yours and well not really yours since you don’t own it you just work on it and you could be told to bugger off whenever really. But you know best so screw what should be done just you do what you damn well please yet again. Cause you just don’t fucking get it.

BTW you aren’t supposed to understand what this is about :P