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March 30th, 2005


I just feel like repeatedly bitching of late…..

  • My leg is sore, actually it’s more like my groin is sore and no I’m not talking groin in a “snigger snigger” way I mean the damn muscle – course I did walk up 8 flights of stairs twice and down them 3 times today and frankly if you’ve seen me you’ll realise that it wasn’t a walk in the part.
  • I hate washing the dishes – can we get a damn electric dish washer already?
  • I hate washing the dishes after my dad has been cooking – why so many
    Why so many? because the man thinks he’s feeding some famine struck country thats why. I mean normal people would have lamb, baked potato and one kind of vegetable, but noooooooooo not our house. Lamb, baked potatoes (2) , sweetcorn, green beans and his stir fry (which is peppers, onions and oil), oh and I think he made him and my mum carrots as well….WHY?!
  • I hate having to type up stupid invoices at 9pm. The only reason they don’t ask my jobless git of a brother is purely out of habit of getting Kathryn to do it.
  • Speaking of jobless gits of brothers – i better get paid tomorrow cause I’ve only got £20 to my name. Oh and great mothers birthday April 20th, I can expect to be forking out for a present from “the both of us” and not actually get paid my half AGAIN. I have decided I’m telling him £250 and we’ll call it quits, but he better get a fecking job soon. Christ I was working part time and tescos and my mum was on my back constantly about getting a “proper” job. She needn’t think Im making her a coffee either, she knows I’m in a bad mood.
  • Oh and why in the name of god when you express no interest in having the lend of some stupid book, in fact you can blatantly say “no thank you!” does Peter still insist on lending it to you? Ashleigh needs to study for exams cause she wants to do a masters degree and needs to do well. he keeps asking if she’s read the books he’s lent her and when she says “no studying” he makes some stupid off the cuff comment about how you don’t need to study. It’s bloody annoying!

    I think that’s it for now….I think Im going to go pop some herbal sleeping pills n try and conk out.

    Here ends the mother of all rants…..

    As a total non sequitur (yeah – fuck you commenting on my “limited” vocabulary, you anally retentive halfwit) here’s a picture of Belfast City Hall taken with my camera phone

  • March 30th, 2005


    I’ve had to go back to work :(

    Anyone who says stupid things like “Ohh I couldn’t wait to get back” deserves to be shot! The only reason I’m working is because I haven’t won the lottery…...you wait though….one day!

    Fortunately I think I might be able to make April a bit of a write off – 2 days off flexi leave (we work “flexi hours” which simply means that you have a 7 hrs 25 day you can start work any time from 7.30 am to 9.30am and finish any time after 15.30 any time you work over 7hrs 25 you add to your flexi and any less you take away you can’t go over 21hrs 45 or under minus 21 hours. You can take up to 3 days flexi leave in a month), a week off at the end of the month. ‘twill fly by :)