Just a lil update in the world of Kathryn….
As I complained about in a previous message, Ive hurt me back. All I did was bend over slightly to pick up my hairbrush which was on the sofa on Friday morning and suddenly a twinge. Which was okay, it was uncomfortable more than anything although some things would make me wince. Then on Monday morning I was putting on my shoe, which I normally do by standing on one foot, and lifting the other up …when OH MY FUCKING GOD! I was in agony the whole day at work. Every time I stood up I had to make sure my legs weren’t going to give way. I could hardly walk! Went and got some Nurofen plus (ibuprofen & codeine) which helped a lot more than the paracetmol & codeine did – which isn’t say much. To make it worse there wasn’t any sleeping position that didn’t ache – sleeping on my stomach was the worst which is my normal sleeping position. Thankfully I seem to be getting a bit better now – although if I move in certain ways I get twinges (on top of the dull ache) and standing up is still the most painful. I don’t suffer well I’m afraid!

In happier news! I’m getting a £100 bonus at work! :) (just for being wonderful ;) – I’ve mentioned before that I work my arse off!). There were actually 3 amounts of bonus with £100 being the top. However I don’t plan to be bragging about it, I’m just pleased. They’ll probably tax it though :( .

I’ve now sold oooh….25 DVDs on ebay :) got all good reviews too :) . I’ve wasted my winnings on an MP3 player and I’m trying to win a digital camera for a knock down price but I keep getting outbid :( . Some one is currently upping on the price on the one I’m winning at the moment. STOP IT!

I had the misfortune to note the existance of a tv show called Man vs Beast USA on ITV2….WHo can eat more hot dogs, a bear or a small asian guy….fucking stupid. The people who thought of it should be shot!

OOh I finally got my Rob Thomas CD…wasn’t in love at first (Id um got it from other sources as I’m really not that patience), but totally growing on me. I especially like All that I am and Here comes the night. If you’re an MB20 fan you should check it out.

Right I think I shall go back to farting about with my hotmail myspace thingie :) . I do like customising!