So…..I’ve decided to finally sign up for a gym and see about shifting some weight – Im going to meet one of the training people on Sunday to be shown the equipment and get a health thingie- the main attraction of losing weight is having smaller boobs (or at least there is a remote possibility of me then being eligible for a reduction on the NHS) but I find the whole thing very difficult. I am a stick my head in the sand kind of person and I certainly don’t like dicussing such things face to face, so my mother kindly inviting people along really isn’t helping any. Anyhoo…I’ll see how it goes, but I haven’t exercised since the short lived diet class a couple of years. Which is when I worked out me trying to eat healthily wasn’t really going to work since I had to cut out all things naughty totally.

Oh and now that my back pain has gone by sinuses (well on the right side of my face anyhow) are acting up :( . If I were a horse they’d shoot me! and I now have more drugs than Boots the chemist!