Ugh – dropped off a bit there – got very caught up in M & M 6 although to be honest I’m getting bored of it.

I’m gonna beat the fella behind me at work. He is constantly asking “did you do anything nice (last night/at the weekend” and I mean exactly that – never anything different like – “did you do anything interesting?” or “good weekend?” – Polite but ultimately disinterested. I’m also getting pissed off at how frigging patronising the other members of his section are to him. To be fair the fella is a little slow but even so…....SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

I added a “to read” section to my links – basically the books I have to read. I also have a bunch of star trek & wars books to read which I didn’t add. I’d also like to tackle LOTR again. However since I’m only just reading them at work I expect this to take some time!