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June 13th, 2022


I finally remembered my login details

May 14th, 2014

Sweary ranting, lots n lots of sweary bits

Useless fucking cunting bastard

Completely ruined these last two weeks because he’s such a lazy piece of shit.  9 weeks to do it….no lets wait until the last 2 and what the fuck lets just NOT EVEN FUCKING BOTHER THEN

Arsehole bloody fucking arsehole

Does even have the common courtesy to say “can’t come round because of piss poor excuse A please enjoy living in the tip I left you with”

and who will get yapped at?  Me. As per usual.  It’s all my fucking fault he’s a useless dick


June 6th, 2013

Another year and no posts

Haha I’m so sucky at this.

Really the only reason I’m posting now is because I’m getting completely bombarded with spam at the minute and I’m trying to figure out how to stop it.

July 6th, 2012

It’s been raining in other places

Been quiet the past few days.  To be honest not much to talk about.  Still not much to talk about.

Apparently my friend, who we’ll call Rodger has absolutely no free time at all since his new job.  It also seems he’s the only person who has had a job ever!  Gosh working is hard.  He looks tired but I can only assume it’s because he hasn’t done a proper days work in his life.

My body is crafty.  For some reason it likes to make sure it’s my special woman’s time anytime I want to go on holiday.  I’d also like to know that if I only have 1 ovary how can I be on a 3 week cycle.  Although as a bonus taking a stronger dose of evening oil of primrose meant this one completely snuck up on me.  Haven’t even really had any cramps.  So that’s pretty good.

Came across King Krush the other day so I only have 1 more to get for Frostbitten.  I actually came across Aotona the other day but I had been chatting to guy in the area and he’d mentioned that he’s been looking for her for weeks so I didn’t attack her straight away.  Of course then it occurred to me that we could be team but unfortunately some sneaky Worgen SOB killed her grrrrrr.  Not seen her since!

July 3rd, 2012

The super human powers of being an admin

Gotta love the NI Civil Service. On our news page there’s an article “Come Dine with Will” about the HR Division having lunch with the Permanent Secretary. They had to bring their own lunches (but tea and coffee was provided). I wonder if Will brought his own lunch…….

Line Manager off today. Don’t want to ask other Line Managers for work. Bored. I have a couple of things I need to ask my “mentor” about but she seems a bit cross. So um….think I’ll leave early today

July 2nd, 2012

It was probably the stir fry

Another Monday is here again

It’s all gone completely to pot.  All my good intentions.  Grrrrr.  Right. Monday is another day.  Be good with food.  Get out for your walk End of.

5 weeks till we head to London for the Games.  Unfortunately we seem to be the only ones excited about it L.  Well going by the online people anyway.  Apparently it’s all going to be terrible n wot not :rollseyes:.  And there seems to be some insistence that we should’ve backed out when the financial crisis hit.  Because yes….that’s possible.  Oh yeah and that the inconvenience is going to be forever instead of a few weeks.  God people are miserable bastards sometimes.


I have been spending far too much time on the internet on my phone, nearly at my maximum allowance for the month when previously I was no where near.  Still have until the 12th July so I’m really going to have to curb it.  I suppose this has been the first full month when I haven’t been training or off for a while and as such hitting it hard.  Fortunately off in July and most of August but September & October probably won’t be pretty.

Feeling a bit sick after lunch. Not sure if it’s the food or that I made a phone call to a customer that made me all nervous.

June 29th, 2012

Persistence paid off!

I plan to do very, very little today

Also after my post telling spammers to fuck off I’ve started getting spammy comments.  Which I think is because I’ve stopped the registration.  I assume they’re bots of some description & were just doing it wrong. 

Anyhow once I’ve checked the comments out I might edit or delete.

Had some more joyous luck on my rare hunt on Warcraft.  I have succeeded in getting the Bloody Rare achievement so no more trips to Outland.

Managed to come across Loque’nahak not once but twice, although the other 2 rares on Sholazar Basin remain stubbornly not there.  At the start I was debating whether to kill or tame and in the end, because I was getting a bit frustrated went for kill.  So to come across her again was nice J.  If only the other 2 would show up!  Oh I also managed to find Arcturis.  Had a bit of a panicky moment as all my pet slots were full and I couldn’t find a stable master in the nearest Horde Base (I didn’t eventually after checking on Google).  So a somewhat happy camper. 

June 28th, 2012

Spammers - just fuck off and die

Well the great doing well fell down spectacularly yesterday. Ate too much crap, didn’t go out for a walk.  Made excuses for myself as per usual.

For some reason I’m getting people registering for my blog, looking at their email addresses I’m guessing it’s for spam purposes.  But um…..well unless they’re sending spam to by outpost address

It’s all rather pointless.  I’m certainly not going to click any of the links & I’m going to ruthlessly suppress anything spammy on my blog.  So…GET A REAL FUCKING JOB

Actually in connection with that.  Had a phone call last night – they knew my name so some bastard has been selling my information can’t remember where they said it was from something like “customer world” and I may be due a refund if I could confirm my account details.  Actually it was one of those from India or somewhere similar so quite difficult.  As I’m reasonably positive no one owes me a refund then I figured for a scam.  I’m still awaiting the word wide web to phone me back so I can scream some more abuse at them.

June 27th, 2012

A thing of beauty


June 27th, 2012

Well it’s not exactly high brow

Hopefully getting my shit back on track. Eventually.

Day 3 of back to diet. To be fair today hasn’t been most excellent but I’ve been out walking twice so far (wohoo!). Thought it might make sense to set a goal so I’m going to say 5lbs by the end of July. At least it will be a start.

I’ve also hunted out the Druids of Shannara which was the sci-fi book I was reading before I went on my romance binge. Have such a backlog of these get through

June 25th, 2012

They’re here!

I don’t think that Starbucks latte only had 1 shot in it…..have become mildly addicted to Starbucks.  The latte in the morning is all right but I’ve been getting the frapacinos.  It is so gooood.  However cause I’m putting on so much weight I have decided that I am going to try to get back into the dieting… (Also it costs a fucking fortune and I don’t seem to be getting any stars either K)

So no more!  (well still the lattes – I get them skinny) Started up myfitnesspal again & I am determined to go out for a walk this evening.

Our Olympic tickets are getting delivered today.  Yay!  Thought we were getting them before but it was tickets for the obit which I had to put up for resale because they were doing slots for it.  The first few sessions after our athletics session weren’t available so I sort of panicked and went for tickets at 7pm.  Unfortunately my gamble didn’t pay off as we planned to go out for a late lunch that day and you cannot go back into the Olympic Park if you leave.  Which if you have tickets to the Orbit seems rather unfair.  Slightly miffed as I had to send them back secure delivery which was about £5.00

Wohoo just got an email to say they’ve been delivered! J

June 22nd, 2012

About 20 winks short

I am so tired this morning.

Didn’t go to sleep until after midnight.

Woke up at about 3am I think it was the phone downstairs ringing.  I meant to do 1471 on it this morning but forgot.

My dad, who was going to Ayr got up at 4.45am so him faffing about in the kitchen and then downstairs woke me up and kept me awake.  As did his mates knocking on the door about 5.20 and my mum getting up to let them in.  The cat then got upstairs and I had to get up to take him back down (as he’d be running about & not settling).  Struggled to get back to sleep

My mum then got up about an hour later which again woke me up and I eventually got up about 30 mins later (normal time).

My mum then felt the need, as I was getting ready, to come and rant to me about my dad getting up and leaving the lights on & her having to answer the door in her nightie.

Also for some inexplicable reason I have a big scratch on my arse cheek.  I have no idea how this happened.

On the plus side I won £244.45 in a prize draw J.  So it’s not all bad.  And it’s Friday.

June 22nd, 2012

Thoroughly Entertained

I guess it’s also past due time for an instalment of “On the Entertainment Front”

Firstly & most importantly……


Matchbox Twenty have a new album coming out…..wohoo!  I was very keen on their last album though so I think I’m hoping more than expecting.  Not out until September though.

For some inexplicable reason you can pre order it on itunes.  I’ve pre ordered it on Amazon because I want to make sure I get a physical copy of the album.  But you’re pre ordering because there are a finite number of copies which clearly isn’t an issue with digital copies.  Seems a bit nonsensical to me.



Currently watching Abduction – Jason Isaacs dies :( .  It’s actually watchable so far.

Watched Real Steel – “Your asshole deadbeat awol father will shape up if only you can spend some time bonding”.  It had Hugh Jackman in it and he’s nice to look it but really rather…..meh

Paranormal Activity 3 – “It’s okay for your new boyfriend to put cameras in your and your young daughter’s bedrooms to video tape things that go “bump” in the night”.  Seeing as how it was supposed to be a prequel – seemed a bit odd they’d go with the weird coven thing when it didn’t come into the other 2 movies at all.

Having a bit of a hiatus from reading “proper” books and getting through my massive pile of romance.  I say pile.  They’re all on my e-reader.  Hundreds.  It’s great!  Really need to get back to my sci-fi and fantasy list though.  I was making great in-roads into it there.

TV Shows
Got into a couple of new shows which have subsequently been cancelled

Awake – Jason Isaacs ahh yum

Alcatraz – nice to see Sam Neill quite Losty though I thought

Terra Nova – Sci-fi with dinosaurs.  Also lead guy – yum (no I don’t watch TV shows based on how hot I find the lead actor)

Ooh found a brilliant New Zealand show called the Almighty Johnsons.  Basically the Norse gods decided to live as humans, got kicked out when Christianity came in and fled to NZ.  But they only get their particular god when they turn 21.  Now that I have come across it they will probably cancel that as well.

Final Destination….can’t remember what number.  Basically you’re going to die!


June 21st, 2012

All about the Warcrack

Copy and paste does not work well on this blog for some reason.  I like paragraphs :(

So one of the reasons I am being a bit anti social is my continued to Warcraft.  I shall get a picture of my current look!

I have been bragging about my recent successes (sad as it is).

My main character is a hunter and I’ve gone for Beast Master Spec – mainly because I like having the spirit beasts.  Anyway I was a bit bored as there wasn’t much for me to be doing. I’ve got all the valor (pve) gear, working on the conquest (pvp) gear but just winning 1 battleground a day (which is sometimes harder than you think*).  My guild is really quiet so I can’t really help out running dungeons.  So I thought I’d do some dailies for guild xp  and thought I’d head to  the Firelands  which as a bonus  Mount Hyjal has Magria & Ankha.  Landed and got the NPCscan warning alarm for Ban’thalos!  Which was really awkward to actually tame.  I had to balance on the top of a tree, set a freeze trap, fly up vertically, dismount, shoot, tame.  Managing to balance was a nightmare and if you didn’t fall right you died.  You can’t fly up vertically too far because your health dropped too low when Ban’thalos attacked you – and you died.  The really surprising thing was that I started it on Thursday evening and it was still there on Friday evening!

One of my prouder momentsJ.  So after that I joined a battleground and one of my fellow players had Arcturis.  So I thought – Northrend – not as populated.  Worth chancing my luck.  No Arcturis sadly but thought since I was there I’d have a go at Frostbitten.  Which then got me started on Bloody Rare?  Of course none of this would be possible without the loud siren of NPCscan.  I haven’t completed these yet of course but well on my way.  Funnily enough some seem to be less rare than others.  For example I haven’t come across any of the ones in Sholazar Basin, but this is the 2nd time (ever) that I came across Skoll.

Also where the rare is also a beast I have the dilemma of do I tame or kill.  Had this problem with Numaroc.  Decided to tame it.  All the ones in Sholazar are tameable, are really rare so phfft I don’t know.

*I don’t like people screaming NOOB! And RETARDS! In bgs but honestly you can see sometimes why they do.  When you’re on the 5th go, it’s Warsong Gulch and people are fighting in the middle.   Ooohhh god so frustrating.

June 19th, 2012

Return of the Kat

Right, haven’t written to this bad boy in literally ages. Hmm ok not literally ages as that’d be like an ice age, stone age etc etc and it’s not been thousands of years.
Over a year and that was just to post a song I liked.
Bit depressing looking at the post before which was to do with my diet. I got down to 13st 12 ish then sort of threw the hands up and I’m now 15st 10.
My own fault entirely as I’ve really stopped walking and taken up eaten too many sweeties again. Although not as bad as I was before. Really need a m assive kick up the arse.
Anyway – update. No longer working in pensions as, in their wisdom, they (the powers that be) decided to move it to Stroke City (Derry/Londonderry) so I am now in Carers Allowance and I do not have a clue! So gone from being “The Oracle” to the “Know nothing” (apparently not even the difference between Know & No) which gives me a sad L

It’s also part of the reason for this update. I’m on a 100% check. Which means whenever I do something on one part of the system it’s not authorised until the supervisor checks and approves it. She has to go through it with a fine tooth comb so it’s obviously generating loads of work for her and while I could do a lot more it doesn’t seem fair.

So at least if I’m doing this it looks like I’m doing something – as they don’t like you surfing the net outside lunch time and I think sitting reading a book would be a bit too obvious.
So I think that’s an introduction into the why I’m posting again

January 1st, 2011

Florence + The Machine - Heavy in your arms

I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown.

I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown

My love has concrete feet
My love’s an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall

I’m so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms
I’m so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms

And is it worth the wait
All this killing time?
Are you strong enough to stand
Protecting both your heart and mine?

Who is the betrayer?
Who’s the killer in the crowd?
The one who creeps in corridors
And doesn’t make a sound

My love has concrete feet
My love’s an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall

My love has concrete feet
My love’s an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall

I’m so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms
I’m so heavy, heavy
So heavy in your arms

This will be my last confession
I love you never felt like any blessing
Whispering like it’s a secret
Only to condemn the one who hears it
With a heavy heart

Heavy heavy i’m so heavy in your arms
(i’m so) Heavy heavy i’m so heavy in your arms
(i’m so) Heavy heavy i’m so heavy in your arms
(i’m so) Heavy heavy i’m so heavy in your arms

I was a heavy heart to carry
my beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown

I was a heavy heart to carry
But he never let me down
When he had me in his arms
My feet never touched the ground

I’m so heavy, heavy in your arms.

Heavy, i’m so heavy in your arms.

July 4th, 2010

the d word update

26/06/10 15st 3lbs (-2lbs)

04/07/10 15st 3lbs (STS)

June 25th, 2010

Forgot (again)

13/06/10 15st 51/2 lbs

20/06/10 15st 5lbs

June 6th, 2010

My drug

15st 6 1/2 lbs

May 31st, 2010


15st 7lbs 2lb loss