Right, haven’t written to this bad boy in literally ages. Hmm ok not literally ages as that’d be like an ice age, stone age etc etc and it’s not been thousands of years.
Over a year and that was just to post a song I liked.
Bit depressing looking at the post before which was to do with my diet. I got down to 13st 12 ish then sort of threw the hands up and I’m now 15st 10.
My own fault entirely as I’ve really stopped walking and taken up eaten too many sweeties again. Although not as bad as I was before. Really need a m assive kick up the arse.
Anyway – update. No longer working in pensions as, in their wisdom, they (the powers that be) decided to move it to Stroke City (Derry/Londonderry) so I am now in Carers Allowance and I do not have a clue! So gone from being “The Oracle” to the “Know nothing” (apparently not even the difference between Know & No) which gives me a sad L

It’s also part of the reason for this update. I’m on a 100% check. Which means whenever I do something on one part of the system it’s not authorised until the supervisor checks and approves it. She has to go through it with a fine tooth comb so it’s obviously generating loads of work for her and while I could do a lot more it doesn’t seem fair.

So at least if I’m doing this it looks like I’m doing something – as they don’t like you surfing the net outside lunch time and I think sitting reading a book would be a bit too obvious.
So I think that’s an introduction into the why I’m posting again