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June 22nd, 2012

About 20 winks short

I am so tired this morning.

Didn’t go to sleep until after midnight.

Woke up at about 3am I think it was the phone downstairs ringing.  I meant to do 1471 on it this morning but forgot.

My dad, who was going to Ayr got up at 4.45am so him faffing about in the kitchen and then downstairs woke me up and kept me awake.  As did his mates knocking on the door about 5.20 and my mum getting up to let them in.  The cat then got upstairs and I had to get up to take him back down (as he’d be running about & not settling).  Struggled to get back to sleep

My mum then got up about an hour later which again woke me up and I eventually got up about 30 mins later (normal time).

My mum then felt the need, as I was getting ready, to come and rant to me about my dad getting up and leaving the lights on & her having to answer the door in her nightie.

Also for some inexplicable reason I have a big scratch on my arse cheek.  I have no idea how this happened.

On the plus side I won £244.45 in a prize draw J.  So it’s not all bad.  And it’s Friday.

June 22nd, 2012

Thoroughly Entertained

I guess it’s also past due time for an instalment of “On the Entertainment Front”

Firstly & most importantly……


Matchbox Twenty have a new album coming out…..wohoo!  I was very keen on their last album though so I think I’m hoping more than expecting.  Not out until September though.

For some inexplicable reason you can pre order it on itunes.  I’ve pre ordered it on Amazon because I want to make sure I get a physical copy of the album.  But you’re pre ordering because there are a finite number of copies which clearly isn’t an issue with digital copies.  Seems a bit nonsensical to me.



Currently watching Abduction – Jason Isaacs dies :( .  It’s actually watchable so far.

Watched Real Steel – “Your asshole deadbeat awol father will shape up if only you can spend some time bonding”.  It had Hugh Jackman in it and he’s nice to look it but really rather…..meh

Paranormal Activity 3 – “It’s okay for your new boyfriend to put cameras in your and your young daughter’s bedrooms to video tape things that go “bump” in the night”.  Seeing as how it was supposed to be a prequel – seemed a bit odd they’d go with the weird coven thing when it didn’t come into the other 2 movies at all.

Having a bit of a hiatus from reading “proper” books and getting through my massive pile of romance.  I say pile.  They’re all on my e-reader.  Hundreds.  It’s great!  Really need to get back to my sci-fi and fantasy list though.  I was making great in-roads into it there.

TV Shows
Got into a couple of new shows which have subsequently been cancelled

Awake – Jason Isaacs ahh yum

Alcatraz – nice to see Sam Neill quite Losty though I thought

Terra Nova – Sci-fi with dinosaurs.  Also lead guy – yum (no I don’t watch TV shows based on how hot I find the lead actor)

Ooh found a brilliant New Zealand show called the Almighty Johnsons.  Basically the Norse gods decided to live as humans, got kicked out when Christianity came in and fled to NZ.  But they only get their particular god when they turn 21.  Now that I have come across it they will probably cancel that as well.

Final Destination….can’t remember what number.  Basically you’re going to die!