I plan to do very, very little today

Also after my post telling spammers to fuck off I’ve started getting spammy comments.  Which I think is because I’ve stopped the registration.  I assume they’re bots of some description & were just doing it wrong. 

Anyhow once I’ve checked the comments out I might edit or delete.

Had some more joyous luck on my rare hunt on Warcraft.  I have succeeded in getting the Bloody Rare achievement so no more trips to Outland.

Managed to come across Loque’nahak not once but twice, although the other 2 rares on Sholazar Basin remain stubbornly not there.  At the start I was debating whether to kill or tame and in the end, because I was getting a bit frustrated went for kill.  So to come across her again was nice J.  If only the other 2 would show up!  Oh I also managed to find Arcturis.  Had a bit of a panicky moment as all my pet slots were full and I couldn’t find a stable master in the nearest Horde Base (I didn’t eventually after checking on Google).  So a somewhat happy camper.