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So one of the reasons I am being a bit anti social is my continued to Warcraft.  I shall get a picture of my current look!

I have been bragging about my recent successes (sad as it is).

My main character is a hunter and I’ve gone for Beast Master Spec – mainly because I like having the spirit beasts.  Anyway I was a bit bored as there wasn’t much for me to be doing. I’ve got all the valor (pve) gear, working on the conquest (pvp) gear but just winning 1 battleground a day (which is sometimes harder than you think*).  My guild is really quiet so I can’t really help out running dungeons.  So I thought I’d do some dailies for guild xp  and thought I’d head to  the Firelands  which as a bonus  Mount Hyjal has Magria & Ankha.  Landed and got the NPCscan warning alarm for Ban’thalos!  Which was really awkward to actually tame.  I had to balance on the top of a tree, set a freeze trap, fly up vertically, dismount, shoot, tame.  Managing to balance was a nightmare and if you didn’t fall right you died.  You can’t fly up vertically too far because your health dropped too low when Ban’thalos attacked you – and you died.  The really surprising thing was that I started it on Thursday evening and it was still there on Friday evening!

One of my prouder momentsJ.  So after that I joined a battleground and one of my fellow players had Arcturis.  So I thought – Northrend – not as populated.  Worth chancing my luck.  No Arcturis sadly but thought since I was there I’d have a go at Frostbitten.  Which then got me started on Bloody Rare?  Of course none of this would be possible without the loud siren of NPCscan.  I haven’t completed these yet of course but well on my way.  Funnily enough some seem to be less rare than others.  For example I haven’t come across any of the ones in Sholazar Basin, but this is the 2nd time (ever) that I came across Skoll.

Also where the rare is also a beast I have the dilemma of do I tame or kill.  Had this problem with Numaroc.  Decided to tame it.  All the ones in Sholazar are tameable, are really rare so phfft I don’t know.

*I don’t like people screaming NOOB! And RETARDS! In bgs but honestly you can see sometimes why they do.  When you’re on the 5th go, it’s Warsong Gulch and people are fighting in the middle.   Ooohhh god so frustrating.