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March 31st, 2005

Word to the wise

Unless you think the tacky look is good, less is most definitely more.

March 31st, 2005

My house, in the middle of my street

Well not quite – ‘nother camera phone picture. This time of the lane on which I live, my house is the white one at the very end with the car outside (jobless git of a brother’s car) :) .

At least it's not on an estate

March 31st, 2005

one thing further….

Amazon.co.uk – where the hell is my cd which has a shipping date of 15-16 of March but has yet to be dispatched!?

March 30th, 2005


I just feel like repeatedly bitching of late…..

  • My leg is sore, actually it’s more like my groin is sore and no I’m not talking groin in a “snigger snigger” way I mean the damn muscle – course I did walk up 8 flights of stairs twice and down them 3 times today and frankly if you’ve seen me you’ll realise that it wasn’t a walk in the part.
  • I hate washing the dishes – can we get a damn electric dish washer already?
  • I hate washing the dishes after my dad has been cooking – why so many
    Why so many? because the man thinks he’s feeding some famine struck country thats why. I mean normal people would have lamb, baked potato and one kind of vegetable, but noooooooooo not our house. Lamb, baked potatoes (2) , sweetcorn, green beans and his stir fry (which is peppers, onions and oil), oh and I think he made him and my mum carrots as well….WHY?!
  • I hate having to type up stupid invoices at 9pm. The only reason they don’t ask my jobless git of a brother is purely out of habit of getting Kathryn to do it.
  • Speaking of jobless gits of brothers – i better get paid tomorrow cause I’ve only got £20 to my name. Oh and great mothers birthday April 20th, I can expect to be forking out for a present from “the both of us” and not actually get paid my half AGAIN. I have decided I’m telling him £250 and we’ll call it quits, but he better get a fecking job soon. Christ I was working part time and tescos and my mum was on my back constantly about getting a “proper” job. She needn’t think Im making her a coffee either, she knows I’m in a bad mood.
  • Oh and why in the name of god when you express no interest in having the lend of some stupid book, in fact you can blatantly say “no thank you!” does Peter still insist on lending it to you? Ashleigh needs to study for exams cause she wants to do a masters degree and needs to do well. he keeps asking if she’s read the books he’s lent her and when she says “no studying” he makes some stupid off the cuff comment about how you don’t need to study. It’s bloody annoying!

    I think that’s it for now….I think Im going to go pop some herbal sleeping pills n try and conk out.

    Here ends the mother of all rants…..

    As a total non sequitur (yeah – fuck you commenting on my “limited” vocabulary, you anally retentive halfwit) here’s a picture of Belfast City Hall taken with my camera phone

  • March 30th, 2005


    I’ve had to go back to work :(

    Anyone who says stupid things like “Ohh I couldn’t wait to get back” deserves to be shot! The only reason I’m working is because I haven’t won the lottery…...you wait though….one day!

    Fortunately I think I might be able to make April a bit of a write off – 2 days off flexi leave (we work “flexi hours” which simply means that you have a 7 hrs 25 day you can start work any time from 7.30 am to 9.30am and finish any time after 15.30 any time you work over 7hrs 25 you add to your flexi and any less you take away you can’t go over 21hrs 45 or under minus 21 hours. You can take up to 3 days flexi leave in a month), a week off at the end of the month. ‘twill fly by :)

    March 29th, 2005


    Couple of things getting my goat…..

    I posted the lyrics of a chapess called Jem a few weeks ago, the song’s called “They” pretty good song. The video involves her stripping off in a space ship a la barbarella and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. In much the same way as Britney and Christina it seems to whore to the lowest common demoninator. Do guys (as that’s who naked females are undoubtably aimed at) really buy an album because the chick in the video was unclothed (after all you don’t normally get the video with the album)? I seriously doubt it. It’s just a bit of a let down to see someone lauded as the “next big (talented) thing” stripping off in her first video.


    Someone using the phrase “dripping with leftist queer political correctness” in regards to a trek episode is all right (although I don’t think it’s “all right” in regards to anything) but my wondering why “small minded fuckwits ” watch star trek is worthy of disparaging comment about the extent of my vocabulary. HELLO!?Sometimes I wonder about people on newsgroups.

    March 26th, 2005

    Whoop! Update

    ‘member by bitching about my CPU issues and thinking it fixed when I fiddled about with outlook express?

    As it turns out the real culprit (or at least another culprit) is something called guarddog.exe (the version under my username) which has something to do with McAfee.

    So if you’re having similar issues go to your task manage, go to processes, hit the cpu button, scroll to the bottom and see what exactly is taking up the most CPU space!

    March 25th, 2005


    How do you think the music nazis feel about downloading an album when you’re buying it anyways?

    well – if amazon would send the damn thing F

    March 24th, 2005

    Hide & Seek

    Went to see this at the cinema last night – not half as scary as I was expecting – should of gone to see boogeyman :D . To give it credit I totally did not see the twist coming!

    They did however have a preview for Ring 2. It totally freaked me out, never mind Ashleigh who spent most of White Noise going “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” and didn’t sleep after the Grudge. Definitely keen to see it :D .

    March 24th, 2005


    Bit worried about our cat at the moment, his bad leg is acting up quite a bit :( . So I though I’d post a couple of pictures to cheer me up. Please ignore the evil looking eyes!

    I'm not impressed with this picture taking business

    KILL KILL KILL! Oh hey there!

    March 24th, 2005


    Yeah okay so we’ll just pretend like there aren’t procedures to follow and you can let your friends do whatever cause its yours all yours and well not really yours since you don’t own it you just work on it and you could be told to bugger off whenever really. But you know best so screw what should be done just you do what you damn well please yet again. Cause you just don’t fucking get it.

    BTW you aren’t supposed to understand what this is about :P

    March 23rd, 2005

    Before you start bitching

    about something, think of two things.

    Is what you’re about to bitch about:

    1)hurting any one?

    2)adversely affect your own life in anyway?

    If you answer no to both of these then leave well enough alone. It’s none of your damn business.

    March 19th, 2005

    Somewhat Cryptically…

    You know what? sod it. I don’t give a damn!

    Actually that’s not true, I do give a damn just not enough to make it worth the hassle. Someone else can take the knife attack, but don’t say I didn’t try.

    You should buy this – Dishwalla – Dishwalla

    March 19th, 2005


    I was reading a critique on someone else’s blog the other day. The criticism being that no one want’s to hear about your friends, childs dirty diapers and if you really wanted to blog you should pick a subject and stick with it. Pretty sound advice I thought. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of anything specific. So this is doomed to randomness :(

    March 18th, 2005

    Volcano - Damien Rice

    Don’t hold yourself like that
    You’ll hurt your knees
    I kissed your mouth and back
    But that’s all I need
    Don’t build your world around volcanoes melt you down

    What I am to you is not real
    What I am to you you do not need
    What I am to you is not what you mean to me
    You give me miles and miles of mountains
    And I’ll ask for the sea

    Don’t throw yourself like that
    In front of me
    I kissed your mouth your back
    Is that all you need?
    Don’t drag my love around volcanoes melt me down

    What I am to you is not real
    What I am to you you do not need
    What I am to you is not what you mean to me
    You give me miles and miles of mountains
    And I’ll ask for what I give to you
    Is just what i’m going through
    This is nothing new
    No no just another phase of finding what I really need
    Is what makes me bleed
    And like a new disease she’s still too young to treat
    Volcanoes melt me down
    She’s still too young
    I kissed your mouth
    You do not need me

    March 18th, 2005

    I want this

    But I have no money :(

    If I happen to get some, I’m buying it!

    March 14th, 2005

    Important News

    From now on my jobless git of a brother shall only be referred to as “my jobless git of a brother” and nothing else until such time he gets a job (and then it will be my “git of a brother who owes me money”) or pays me back my money (then it will simply be “my brother”).

    Thank you for your time. Normal service may now resume

    March 11th, 2005

    Nothing Ever Happens - Del Amitri

    Post office clerks put up signs saying position closed
    And secretaries turn off typewriters and put on their coats
    Janitors padlock the gates
    For security guards to patrol
    And bachelors phone up their friends for a drink
    While the married ones turn on a chat show

    And they’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

    Gentlemen time please, you know we can’t serve anymore
    Now the traffic lights change to stop, when there’s nothing to go
    And by five o’clock everything’s dead
    And every third car is a cab
    And ignorant people sleep in their beds
    Like the doped white mice in the college lab

    Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
    The needle returns to the start of the song
    And we all sing along like before

    And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

    Telephone exchanges click while there’s nobody there
    The Martians could land in the carpark and no one would care
    Close-circuit cameras in department stores shoot the same video every day
    And the stars of these films neither die nor get killed
    Just survive constant action replay

    Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
    The needle returns to the start of the song
    And we all sing along like before

    And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

    Bill hoardings advertise products that nobody needs
    While angry from Manchester writes to complain about
    All the repeats on T.V.
    And computer terminals report some gains
    On the values of copper and tin
    While American businessmen snap up Van Goghs
    For the price of a hospital wing

    Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
    The needle returns to the start of the song
    And we all sing along like before
    Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
    They’ll burn down the synagogues at six o’clock
    And we’ll all go along like before

    And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow

    March 11th, 2005

    Dear Diary……

    Well anyhow….my mother has been at us (me and my jobless git of a brother) to clear up the attic for some time now. It’s actually been renovated, access is up a set of stairs inside my mum and dad’s walk in wardrobe – if we could block it off it would be a great hiding place (yes I do watch too many movies :) ). This has just made it so much easier to dump stuff in. Plus any time the granny came to stay I had to go sleep on two old mattresses up there (comfy! – not).

    So my brother decided to get started this week (probably because he’s a jobless git). My dad announced yesterday that he’d get a trailer so we can take all the crap away (by crap I mean childhood memories sob). Andrew had most of it done and Id spent the morning tidying my own room oblivious to what was going on till it was half way done. When I did realise I half heartedly “assisted” (really quite proud of my lack of help in that), however my dad failed to bring the trailer and after a week of fine weather it decided it was going to be windy n wet! HAH! Sods law! Got it this morning though, but by the time Id shifted out of bed it had all been taken care of :) Man Im a lazy bitch. ahem .

    The amount of stuff that was removed was astonishing though…must of been about 15 black bin bags and countless boxes and it’s not like it was a really big space to begin with and I think there was a good few of my (romance) books (Um yeah not going into that), were carted off to the local charties. All that’s left is a typewriter (broken) and a singer sewing machine (broken). My mum was going to suggest that when she gets her new living room suite that the old suite go up to the attic….Er yeah…get the guys to cart up a really heavy three seater sofa….

    March 10th, 2005


    Well I finally figured out my CPU issues – turns out there was something corrupted in outlook express! So it’s all good now – yay! I can game to my hearts content. Anyhow – if you use OE and have your CPU sitting constantly at 100% Im the person to speak to. To celebrate a little something courtesy of comics.com


    Who apparently don’t like people doing that kind of thing so I’ll have to remember to update it ;)