Well the time draws near…...3 more days!  Royal Mail better deliver it on time or I’ll be mad :|

Apparently there is a leaked version online.  I know some people have read it and say it’s real. I don’t know.  I much prefer to wait for the book.  It’s going to be a such a total anti climax (by that I just mean that the series will be over and then what….no more :( ) that I’d rather just savour the actual book instead of rushing to find out the answers.  Unfortunately this means that you can’t really go anywhere Potter related as some horrible little fuckwits are just posting supposed spoilers all over the place.  I don’t know why they do this but I guess some people are just plain malicious. I’ve already come across something which would indicate one of my predictions is correct (well a couple to be honest) but on the off chance that anyone else reads this I’ll not say what they were.

Now the good staff at mugglenet have a little staff predictions page where they give predictions to various questions.  I thought it might be fun to do it here.

Who will die?

Well I think that Voldie is a given.  This is a good v evil book.  Evil must be triumphed over. If Lucius Malfoy gets out of Azakaban he’ll die.  Bellatrix LeStrange will die (she’s just too nasty not to and well played by Helena Bonhem Carter in OotP I may add).  I think Severus Snape has to die  – probably saving Harry’s life.  I don’t think there is any other way for him to redeem himself.  I don’t think any of the trio will die nor Tonks or Lupin- I’m going for a happy ever after.  Hagrid or possibly McGonagall.  Of course if McGonagall dies then who will be headmistress of Hogwarts.  She’s the prime person to take over.

Will Harry return to Hogwarts?

Toughie!  I’d like to think he’d have chance to sit his NEWTS so he can have the chance to become an auror.  Although apparently JKR has said that one of them (the trio) will return as a teacher and I noticed in the OotP movie (and possibly the book) they comment that Harry is a good teacher (although you’d think Hermione would be more likely to be a teacher).

How will the various relationships unfold/begin?

Well…....Harry and Ginny will get back together.  Ron and Hermione will get together.  Tonks and Lupin will get together.  Bill and Fleur will stay together.  Other than that I have no clue to be honest!

To what does “Deathly Hallows” refer?

To me it sounds a bit like a place (eg these hallowed halls) which apparently means holy (according to dictionary.com) but I think it was more…..like Oxford…ie very old and very respectable.  So an old place of danger perhaps?

Is Snape good/bad/neither?

Neither perhaps?  He’s not a very nice person BUT I do think he’s on the side of good. I’d probably be quite disappointed to find out he was just bad.  So far he’s been the most 3 dimensional character.  Plus when I was reading HBP and the bit where he escapes after killing Dumbledore – okay so apparently Voldie wants HP for himself but he doesn’t really hurt him or retaliate – just blocks.  I think he was in love with Lily and wants to redeem himself.

General comments on the series coming to a close. 

I’m a bit depressed to be honest.  I remember when HP first started becoming really popular (before the first movie was released).  I refused to read it because it was a childrens book.  Then I saw the movie and really wanted to read the books (worked the same way with Lord of the Rings).  The only consolation is that I was able to read the first 4 books in quick succession and then had to wait TWO YEARS! For Order of the Phoenix.

Oh well – the good thing about books is that you can re read them whenever you like