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July 12th, 2007

Plan B worked out just fine


Order of the Phoenix


 Not long back from seeing the movie

Wow – totally loved it.  It didn’t seem as a geared to children as the earlier ones.  I also think you probably need to have read the book to be able to follow it properly.  Of course lots of stuff left out.

 I’ve now gone into hyper mode for the next book!!  The only problem is that I’m supposed to be baby sitting!

 So yes – go and see it!

July 12th, 2007

Normal service will return shortly

Decided to have a little tweak at my theme – probably will revert back to the original one though.

 Had a very bizarre dream pre wake up this morning well dreams really.  One involved escaping on a boat filled with caramel with Gary Oldman and the other involved missing the OotP because I overslept and my brother forgot – except it was christmas

 there was a lot more than that but I think it would be impossible to explain