The first time I posted this it made every post before it go in italics and i had no idea why.  So I’m going to try reposting. 

I suppose I’d better write it though I don’t really want to.  i enjoyed it, read it far too fast though. I also liked the epilogue but I would have liked to have read more about the other characters.  Completely shocked that she killed off Tonks and Lupin although I should have seen it coming reading the book.  and poor George.  So lets see how I did with my predictions.  Although I think I’ve put earlier ones somewhere….

I’ll re-read em while I’m looking for it.  I don’t think it’s on this blog

Who will Die? 

Well got Voldie, Bellatrix and Snape -although I thought Snape would go out in a blaze of glory.  Completely wrong about Tonks and Lupin though

Will Harry return to Hogwarts?

We don’t see it but I’m actually going to assume yes.  I’m assuming he’s an auror and for that he’d need his NEWTS.  (Also assuming we’re not counting the final battle as “back at Hogwarts”)

How will the various relationships unfold/begin?

No surprises there really

To what does “Deathly Hallows” refer?

Completely wrong about that

Is Snape good/bad/neither?

Hah! I nailed Snape :)

Gah can’t find my earlier predictions although I’ve always been on the “Snape is good” side!